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No Sí Son

Tus Amigos Nuevos - No Sí Son
Release Date: May 30, 2013
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Album Review

Produced by Roy Macdonald and Tus amigos Nuevos.
Mixed by: Roy Macdonald, Manuel del Valle and Diego Ridolfi.
Sound Engineer: Marcelo Romero-Cors (a.k.a. Pan)
Vocals edition: Diego Lorenzini
Mastered by: Roy Macdonald and Manuel del Valle

Tus amigos Nuevos are:
Javier Chorbadjian: Drums and vocals
Manuel del Valle: Bass guitar, electric guitar and background vocals
Diego Lorenzini: Bass guitar, electric guitar and vocals
Leo Salinas: Bass guitar, percussions, keyboard, electric guitar and background vocals.

Guest musician:
Fernando de Peña: Noise box in "Gato Negro" and "Tu fiesta vale callampa".

All songs composed and arranged by Tus Amigos Nuevos, but the remix of the song "El No-Movimiento Chil Chili" arranged by Fernando de Peña a.k.a. Todofueunmalentendido and re-titled "Un poco demasiado".
All lyrics written by Diego Lorenzini but "Edipo Rey" written by Javier Chorbadjian along with Diego Lorenzini, "El No-movimiento Chili Chili" written by Diego Lorenzini along with Javier Chorbadjian and "Tu fiesta vale callampa" written by Tus Amigos Nuevos.

Cover Artwork: Javier Chorbadjian
Layout: Diego Lorenzini

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